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Aboriginal Affairs and Intergovernmental Relations
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Akaitcho Territory Government 

The Akaitcho Territory Government (ATG) represents the collective social, political, cultural, environmental and economic interests of its constituent First Nations.

The ATG exists to assist Akaitcho communities as they develop the self-sufficiency required to realize their individual and collective future goals and objectives. Its prime function is to facilitate and coordinate the transitional efforts of its members as they move toward meaningful First Nation governance.

During this transition the constituent First Nations determine the role and mandate, and give direction to, the ATG.


Deninu K'ue, Chief Louis Balisillie
Yellowknives Dene First Nation (Dettah), Chief Edward Sangris
Yellowknives Dene First Nation (N’dilo), Chief Ernest Betsina
Smith's Landing First Nation, Chief Andrew Wandering Spirit
Łutselk’e Dene First Nation, Chief Felix Lockhart




Languages: Chipewyan, Tłįchǫ, Dene Zhatie, North Slavey, Michif, English.

Links: Yellowknives Dene First Nation 
           Salt River First Nation  

Contact Information:  Great Slave Lake Office
                                    General Delivery
                                    Fort Resolution NT
                                    X0E 0M0
                                    Ph: (867) 394-3313
                                    Fax: (867) 394-3413 
                                    Contact: Annie Boucher, Executive Director
                                    Websites: http://www.akaitchoterritory.com/
















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